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With the recent surge in online payments due to people across the world increasingly staying home, businesses need a payment provider who can offer them a tailor-made service and one that works according to their specific business needs and requirements.

We are happy to announce the release of our new and improved back office, MetaGate V2!

At Zotapay, we’ve seen significant surges in online payment activity over the past few months, and that trend seems only to be headed in one direction. Zotapay’s MetaGate has already helped clients to streamline their business interests, and it just got even better. Having taken on board comments and feedback from our clients, we have drawn closer to perfecting the MetaGate, thereby helping businesses around the world to do business better and more efficiently. 

Game Changer

It’s no secret that many payment processors use white-label, third-party companies for transaction processing services. Zotapay’s MetaGate is a game-changer as it takes online payments to the next level, offering customers proprietary, cutting-edge technology for the ultimate User Experience and simple management. MetaGate V2 is also an efficient, easy-to-use, and flexible hub that helps businesses to stay on top of their finances and maximize their time. With sensitive information such as credit card data and other confidential information, all transactions must be fully encrypted and only travel through a secure online data-protected environment. Zotapay’s MetaGate achieves this and more by providing businesses and their customers with peace of mind through advanced risk and fraud prevention tools, preventing and averting chargebacks and fraudulent activity.

Fine Tuning

Despite many hard hours of work, when it came to developing MetaGate, all of the efforts were well worth it in the end. The beauty of the MetaGate system, created by our in-house R&D team, is the infinite built-in options as well as an array of other features. This allows us to continually tweak, improve, and upgrade the software to provide the optimal Gateway experience to customers and end-users. MetaGate can be fine-tuned to meet specific business needs, whether that’s reporting, accounting, or tracking specific payments. MetaGate streamlines payments, ensuring they are fast, fluid, and secure. As such, MetaGate helps to facilitate a second-to-none online shopping experience, including a smooth checkout process and rapid processing for returning customers. This goes a long way to forging long-term and meaningful connections, building a loyal customer base, and encouraging plenty of return business.

Clients Feedback

Before we put our technical team to work on the new MetaGate, we carefully and meticulously analyzed comments, questions, and suggestions from clients across all online verticals. With this vital feedback in mind, MetaGate was born; an integrated, all-in-one financial tool encompassing more than 1000 integrations, multiple currencies, cross border remittance, and a state-of-the-art AI-based fraud prevention system to meet and exceed all financial needs. Selecting the right payment gateway provider for your business can be complicated and time-consuming. Clients wanting to expand their business and increase revenue need to offer their customers seamless and straightforward global payment options. Zotapay’s MetaGate assists and enables clients to enjoy full and streamlined control of their transactions, as well as to maximize the potential for recurring transactions and repeat business. 

MetaGate Key Features

• Personal Dashboard – Simple-to-read dashboards displaying the main stats –  approvals and acceptance ratios, turnover etc.

• Advanced Administration Platform – Maximum flexibility to set simple parameters.

• Fully Customizable – Customizable User Interface (UI) to meet specific needs.

• Advanced Accounting Overview – Benefit from full control, including Balance Summary, Daily, Weekly, or Monthly reports, Balance Operations, and the ability to transfer funds between balance accounts and view all charges.

• Real-Time Data – No more waiting around for balance confirmation. The dynamic balance is available and updated after every processed order.

• Sophisticated Reporting – Detailed order and financial reports. Full customization, saving as template according to preselected parameters. UI report preview, for those who prefers to work with data on the spot without leaving the platform.

• Advanced Risk and Fraud Prevention – Advanced AI-based analysis to prevent and avert chargebacks or fraud.

• Advanced Risk Filters – Flexible and fully customizable anti-fraud risk rules system.

• Payout Manager Tool – Enabling for the submitting of payouts without performing API integration and checking the batch progress in real-time.

• Refund Manager – Manage credit card refunds simply through upgraded search options. View the entire transaction history to check specific refund statuses with one click.     

• Service Cases – All transactions, approvals or dispute issues can be resolved in just a few clicks without the need to notify by email, including payouts that need proof of transfer.

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