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Security & Risk Management

Zotapay presents the perfect solution to decrease declines and avoid fraudulent activity. Zotapay has you covered with our sophisticated traffic management and automated cascading systems.

Our smart routing features send transactions to the acquiring bank with the highest approval ratio based on predefined parameters such as card type, transaction region, currency, ticket size, MCC code and more. In the scenario a transaction is declined, our routing algorithm will automatically divert the transaction to next acquirer in your processing strategy.

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PCI Certified
Make yourself at home with
a customizable cashier page.

As a PCI Level I Certified payment processor Zotapay is fully compliant with industry standards, giving us the license to transmit and store sensitive transaction data as required by major credit card companies. By utilizing our secure hosted payment page, merchants can be compliant with these requirements while still maintaining a customized checkout experience.

Why sacrifice customization for security? Zotapay gives the ability to tailor your payment page according to your brand’s look and feel without having to worry about security of transaction data. 

Smart Routing & Cascading
Fraud Protect & Prevention
Risk Rule Engine Filters
Conversion Optimization
Risk management you can count on.

Some of our risk management measures include, but are not limited to pre-risk assessment according to transaction activity, leading fraud scrubbing tools, compliance checks and utilizing a flexible risk rule set module. While our security system runs automatic fraud checks in the background, our highly experienced risk management team monitors your transactions in real time.