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More Than Just Payments

Merchants can now benefit from the broadest range of global and local payment solutions available on the market. This includes the added advantage of PCI hosted payments and multi-currency support. Zotapay eliminates the need for outdated multiple payment processors. Over the past few years, we have partnered with over 500 acquirers and PSPs through our cutting-edge gateway system, serving countries from all over the world. We have achieved this by applying our "One Application- One Integration" philosophy, which enables merchants to accept payments both globally and locally.

More than just payments
The sky is not the
limit for us
Zotapay License - Get behind the wheel & be your own PSP

Zotapay hands you the keys, giving you everything you need to become a white label partner. Offering white-label technology for banks, PSPs, and other businesses, Zotapay presents the ideal solution for partners who wish to provide additional solutions to their existing client base, as well as clients who are ready to make the first steps in becoming a PSP. Be in control of your transaction reporting and effectively manage daily reconciliation, fees and rates, volume analysis, and rolling reserve status in real-time with a single click.
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Zotapay Minigate Connector model

Expand your processing capabilities with the Zotapay Minigate Connector model. Our all-inclusive MiniGate allows merchants to manage new and existing processing channels in one place, while also benefiting from a PCI DSS Level 1 certified and fully customized gateway and cashier. Place all of the payment services and solutions you use under one central hub with Zotapay and be in control of all financial reporting, reconciliation, cash flow, approval ratios, comparisons, and the release of rolling reserves. Switching between processing channels has never been easier as we help to make your business decisions effortless.
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Infinite Flow of Payment Methods

Whether its credit and debit cards, alternative payment methods, e-wallets, bank transfers, or issuing prepaid and payout cards, we provide merchants with access to all of the methods available in the market. We support multi-currency transactions through all leading methods such as VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, Maestro, China UnionPay, JCB, Southeast Asian local cards, a variety of APMs, online wire transfers and local e-wallets. We aim to cater to the payment needs of merchants and end-users alike, regardless of their jurisdiction or traffic regions.
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Startup Club – Fastest time to Market

Do you need payment processing for your new online business? Join Zotapay's Startup Club. We support new businesses from day one. Our unique merchant accounts allow you to start generating a processing portfolio or future processing history. After three months of reliable processing, we can help you apply to top-tier banks, which can offer you even more competitive rates and limits.

Conversion Optimisation and Intuitive Cascading

We have invested in the customer checkout flow in order to produce a flawless, innovative user experience for our merchants. Maximize your conversion and retention rates using an intuitive cascading system with backup solutions for declined transactions.
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Membership-Based Business Payment Services

Zotapay supports subscription management and re-billing options for merchants who work with membership fees and other types of periodic billing activities. Increase your client lifetime value and benefit from automatic credit card billing transactions for subscriptions, promotions, memberships, and more, all within a PCI DSS Level 1 compliant gateway.
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Multi-currency as standard

It is vital for online merchants in today’s global market to be able to accept online payments in multiple currencies. Our products and services assist merchants in accepting payments from various countries with reduced conversion fees and international processing service fees.
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Zota Virtual Terminal

A Virtual Terminal allows you to create manual transactions for credit, debit, and prepaid cards. This payment service enables you to accept different sums over the phone and process them in an easy-to-use web-based terminal while still utilizing reporting, risk management, and fraud protection tools.
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Plug 'N' Pay

Zotapay provides a unique testing kit for webmasters and developers directly. This ensures that newly created websites are connected to a gateway immediately. We have created a simple Plug' N' Pay SDK plugin for WordPress, WooCommerce, Shopify, and SalesForce, allowing development teams to save time and go hassle-free with multiple integration processes. This will enable us to meet any future requirements as they occur. Click here for our Shopify plugin or search for Zotapay in the official WordPress Plugin Portal.
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By defining end-users' parameters cleverly, Zotapay has the ability to offer shoppers the most optimized version of the cashier to meet their specific needs. This ensures that clients in the farthest regions of the world don’t experience any loading issues and are able to process their payments smoothly. This all equates to higher approval ratios and happy customers.
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Payment services for Africa

Access various local payment methods supported throughout the African region, including countries such as Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, and Tanzania. A large number of methods can be used, such as Credit Cards, ACH Direct Debit, USSD Acceptance, Local Bank Transfers, M-Pesa, QR Code, and Mobile Money Acceptance. They can all be recharged via the largest mobile carriers in each country. All of the mentioned methods can be used for both deposits and pay-ins. Payouts are available via wire transfers to any bank in the countries covered.

Payment services and products in China

What we are capable of when it comes to Chinese payment and remittance services is a true masterpiece that makes us truly unique. Our gateway is integrated with several local Chinese PSPs, e-Wallets and Money Service Providers, presenting the most traditional and commonly used payment services as well as the most advanced and unique e-Wallets, QR Codes, QQ, H5, express payment, P2P and P2C available for the Chinese market, all under one cashier. To charge and collect funds, Zotapay can remit and settle funds to multiple bank accounts in and out of the Mainland, simultaneously providing a global currency exchange. We can also reverse this process by allowing for direct funding and currency exchange from foreign currencies to local CNY, in turn, funding Chinese bank accounts.


Our solutions include real-time alternative payment methods supported in Latin America, in either cash or via bank transfer through various channels such as the Internet, Mobile Partners, Convenient Stores, Gas Stations, etc. The Major countries supported for this region include Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Costa Rica, Panama, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, and the Dominican Republic.

Key to South East Asia

We offer real time Direct Instant Wire Bank Transfers in Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia. Real time direct debit instruction with the bank, meaning, end users can make a payment through websites, anywhere, anytime. By leveraging on the internet banking services of participating banks, payment becomes easy, fast and secure. We are connected to multiple banks in all countries mentioned, all under the same gateway system. All major banks in the mentioned regions are connected to the system.

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