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Security & Risk Management

The Zotapay cashier page is equipped with the highest AI machine learning, risk rule engines and fraud detection tools in place to detect potentially fraudulent activity by analysing various parameters such as, IP addresses, browser type, device fingerprint recognition and velocity rules. The system ranks each end user and in real time adds limits and filters based on ticket size or payment methods available, determining a potential fraud threat before the transaction has been made.

Zotapay is fully ESMA compliant.

As a PCI certified level I payment service provider, Zotapay is licensed to store and secure sensitive transaction data. As such, merchants working with Zotapay are by default compliant with these regulations. While our security system runs automatic fraud checks in the background, our highly experienced risk management team monitors your transactions in real time.

Some of our risk management measures include, but not limited to pre-risk assessment according to transaction activity, leading fraud scrubbing tools, compliance checks and utilizing a flexible risk rule set module.

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PCI Certification

Zotapay is PCI level I certified and fully compliant with the online payment processing industry standards. Major credit card companies such as Visa, MasterCard and China Union-Pay require all businesses that want to process, transfer, or store credit card data to be compliant with PCI DSS standards. Businesses working with Zotapay benefit from our certification, by allowing us to simplify the process for merchants by providing channels for secure and compliant payment solutions.

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