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Zotapay’s advanced payment gateway and technology

Zotapay’s advanced payment gateway and technology supports global processing solutions and is connected to more than 500 financial establishments worldwide. In a dynamic industry that is constantly changing and globally expanding, it is vital to have scalable and reliable technology with worldwide coverage to support.

Secured Hosted Payment Page
Our Secured Hosted Payment Page offers online businesses the ability to direct shoppers to a secure payments page where they enter their payment details to complete their transaction. While offering customers ultimate convenience, this feature also provides an extra level of security throughout the checkout process; all fully compliant with the relevant PCI DSS and ISO-27001 standards.
Increase your conversions
For global businesses with high turnovers, increasing conversion or approval rates are vital. Zotapay’s services give online shoppers the ability to benefit from the largest coverage of payment solutions with the most updated and optimized version of the cashier page according to the user’s origin, ensuring that customers - no matter where they’re located - don’t suffer from long loading times and other technical issues, leading to increased conversions as well as satisfied end-users.
Integrated with top acquiring banks

Global Payment Gateway

Integrated with top acquiring banks and payment institutions worldwide, Zotapay’s payment gateway technology serves as an all-in-one channel for merchants to accept online payments on a global scale. Zotapay removes the hassle of multiple integrations and replaces it with one flawless experience for merchants and customers. Zotapay’s gateway and technology is equipped with built-in risk and fraud management algorithms and highly secure server environments.

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Global Payment Gateway

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