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One simple API integration to gain access to hundreds of
acquiring banks, financial institutions, alternative payment
methods, e-Wallets, wire transfer solutions and more.

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Seamless API integration

One simple API integration to gain access to hundreds of acquiring banks, financial institutions, alternative payment methods, e-Wallets, wire transfer solutions and more.

Fingertip Control
Smart traffic management

An intuitive cascading system with back up solutions for declined transactions.

One seamless Payments ecosystem

With a progressive approach to technology, Zotapay removes
the hassle of multiple integrations and replaces it with one flawless
experience for both online merchants and customers.

  • Traffic Management

    Intuitive payment funnel increases revenue and improves user experience.

  • 3D Secure

    Authentication standard to help clients avoid fraudulent activity.

  • Fraud Protection

    Minimize fraudulent activity resulting in chargebacks or refunds.

  • Comprehensive Compliance

    Automated onboarding & quick underwriting.

  • Premium Banking Network

    Widest selection of acquiring banks & financial institutions.

  • PCI Level I Environment

    PCI DSS Secure hosted servers.

  • Multi Jurisdictions supported

    Supporting business with onshore & offshore jurisdictions.

  • Unique localized methods

    Extensive coverage of alternative payment methods & e-Wallets.

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We welcome merchants of all shapes and sizes.

The Zotapay team is committed to providing merchants worldwide with reliable and quality solutions paired with the highest service and support. With our market experience, revolutionary solutions and technical capabilities, Zotapay applies fresh technology and out-of-the-box thinking to various industries.

Game E-Sports and Gaming

Being a part of the rapidly growing and borderless gaming community requires more than just a payment provider. This makes Zotapay and our range of gateway solution the perfect fit.
We support SDK for mobile, app or game developers to implement in-app and mobile native payments, allowing the user to make in-game purchases. This results in a more meaningful and immersive experience.

Financial Financial Markets

The Financial Services and Banking institutional markets have seen exponential growth over the past few years, becoming a vague arena with regulatory challenges. Our vast banking network can support various license types from most jurisdictions with unique capabilities such as multi-currency settlements, cost effective exchange rates and financial reporting customized to suit regulatory requirements.

E-Commerce E-Commerce Industries

Our endless network of acquiring channels allows us to support various sectors across the eCommerce\r\n space, including but not limited to Travel, Retail, Hospitality, Marketplace, StartUp club for eCommerce\r\n and Technical services. Products like our Plug ’n’ Pay API can be found on platforms such as\r\n Woocommerce, Shopify and others, catering to any and all online vendors.

Travel Travel

Zotapay presents an innovative system with the ability to enable payment processing around the globe in local currencies, all under one unique gateway hub. Consider us your payment passport to access the world. Travel and tourism are one of the largest and most challenging industries. Zotapay has the right skills and know-how to support businesses such as hotels, railways, transportation organizations, restaurants, and tour guides. Zotapay gives travelers the ability to make both micro and large payments on-the-go, making us the only travel cashier you will need

Supported and Prohibited Industries
✓ Supported Industries

Low Risk:
E-Commerce, Retail, Travel, Education, Digital Goods, Direct Shipping, Agriculture, Art, Consumer Electronics, Festival, Events, Magazines, Restaurants, Real Estate, Memberships Clubs, OTA, SaaS, Travel Package Deals.

High Risk:
Financial Markets, Dating, Gaming, Technical Services, CBD.

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✘ Prohibited Industries

Nutraceutical, Pharmaceutical, Firearms, Pornography, MLM, Drugs, Alcohol, Tobacco, Crowd-funding, PC Support, Drop-shipping, Counterfeit Merchandise, Diamonds, Illegal Property Rights, Modification Chips, Locksmith and Spy Equipment.

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