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The Zotapay team is committed to facilitating merchants worldwide with reliable and quality solutions pared with the highest service and support. With our market experience, revolutionary solutions and technical capabilities, Zotapay apply fresh technology and out-of-the-box thinking to various industries.


Our endless network of acquiring channels allows us to support various sectors across the eCommerce space, including but not limited to Travel, Retail, Hospitality, Marketplace, StartUp club for eCommerce and Technical services. Products like our Plug ’n’ Pay API can be found on platforms such as Woocommerce, Shopify and others, catering to any and all online vendors.

E-Sports and Gaming

Being a part of the rapidly growing and borderless gaming community requires more than just a payment provider. This makes Zotapay and our range of gateway solution the perfect fit.
We support SDK for mobile, app or game developers to implement in-app and mobile native payments, allowing the user to make in-game purchases. This results in a more meaningful and immersive experience.


Zotapay presents an innovative system with the ability to enable payment processing around the globe in local currencies, all under one unique gateway hub. Consider us your payment passport to access the world. Travel and tourism are one of the largest and most challenging industries. Zotapay has the right skills and know-how to support businesses such as hotels, railways, transportation organizations, restaurants, and tour guides. Zotapay gives travelers the ability to make both micro and large payments on-the-go, making us the only travel cashier you will need.


Zotapay’s unique range of turnkey solutions can effortlessly be catered to accommodate all payment requirements for sports clubs and teams worldwide. This includes things like day-to-day operational payments, home and away ticket issuing for fans, and merchandise purchasing.

Zotapay’s services also include uniquely branded e-Wallets for teams as well as prepaid cards for fans to shop online. We can also simply facilitate payments for players from youth squads and reserve teams, general employees and staff salaries, reimbursements and the sending of funds abroad.

Supported and Prohibited Industries
✓ Supported Industries

Low Risk:
E-Commerce, Retail, Travel, Education, Digital Goods, Direct Shipping, Agriculture, Art, Consumer Electronics, Festival, Events, Magazines, Restaurants, Real Estate, Memberships Clubs, OTA, SaaS, Travel Package Deals.

High Risk:
Financial Markets, Dating, Gaming, Technical Services, CBD.

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✘ Prohibited Industries

Nutraceutical, Pharmaceutical, Firearms, Pornography, MLM, Drugs, Alcohol, Tobacco, Crowd-funding, PC Support, Drop-shipping, Counterfeit Merchandise, Diamonds, Illegal Property Rights, Modification Chips, Locksmith and Spy Equipment.

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List of Required

Full apostilled set of incorporation documents as follows:

  • Certificate of Incorporation/Registration
  • Articles & Memorandum of Association
  • Board of Directors/Minutes Meeting
  • Shareholder register
  • Certificate of Incumbency/Recent extract from the registry
  • Signed Share Certificate/s
  • Trust Deed Agreement or Power of Attorney (if applicable)
  • Operating License (if applicable)

full KYC of all company shareholders:

  • Copy of passport – clear copy certified by a lawyer (color preferred)
  • Copy of utility bill (showing address of residence). The utility bill should not be older than 2
    months and should be in English or officially translated and certified by a lawyer. You can use gas,
    phone, electricity or internet bill. Please note: Bank statements are not valid.
    * Please note that all documents must be in English. If not they should be translated and signed by a notary or lawyer as a true translation.
  • Most recent last 6 months processing history (this should show the name of the merchant, URL
    including transaction counts and ratios, chargeback’s count and amounts, screenshots per month with
    Merchants name visible would be acceptable)
  • Business Plan (if no processing history available)
  • Proof of domain ownership (should state company name and URL)
  • Bank reference letter (confirming bank details and company name for account you wish to receive
  • Test user credentials for the login area of the website


And more Industries

E-commerce is a transaction of buying or selling online\r\n Electronic commerce draws on technologies such as\r\n mobile commerce, electronic funds transfer, supply\r\n chain management, Internet marketing, and more.

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