Merchants worldwide choose Zotapay
as their trusted payment service provider.

Zotapay enables online payment processing solutions worldwide including but not limited to credit and debit cards and local payment solutions. At Zotapay, we aim to facilitate merchants with customized payment solutions to best suit the needs of their business and customers.

Why Zotapay?

Merchants worldwide choose Zotapay as their trusted payment service provider. The combination of our customizable processing solutions, progressive technology and fraud prevention and protection tools empowers merchants with the means to increase conversion rates, avoid negative processing activity and expand market reach.

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“The combination of our technological flexibility and unique skills has allowed us to create a limitless product. With our automation of the onboarding process, all-inclusive network of payment channels and simple API integration we have managed to take the idea of payment service provider to a whole new level.”
Avner (AB) Ziv, CEO


The Zotapay team is comprised of highly experienced and dedicated individuals from all sectors of the online payments industry. We understand your business needs and are here to offer our expertise and solutions tailored to your business. Zotapay strives to remain the leading payment service provider, facilitating tailored solutions to merchants worldwide. Zotapay enables merchants through the right tools and resources needed to accept online payments through various methods safely.


With the rapid growth of the online financial services industry grew the need for a reliable payment service provider. Zotapay recognized this growth and demand and is now the leading payment service provider in the online financial service industry. The combination of Zotapay's advanced technology and customized payment solutions enables merchants to enjoy a smooth and innovative payment funnel for customers worldwide. Merchants benefit from Zotapay's long-lasting relationships with over 300 international payment institutions.

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