Zotapay Was Founded With One Simple Mission In Mind

To enable global businesses to accept payments anywhere, anytime, and in a variety of ways

Zotapay is a gold-standard financial technology company connected to more than 1000 financial institutions and banks around the world, active in 150 countries globally and with six regional headquarters.

Zotapay’s primary mission from the very start was to find smart, innovative ways to bridge the gap for online companies doing business in the developed world and those who want to expand their operations and customer base to include emerging regions and developing economies worldwide.

Our unique payment gateway technology, alongside our robust global network of trusted banks and financial institutions, helps local businesses to offer their customers simple solutions, providing direct settlements in local currency conveniently and securely.

Zotapay seamlessly enables the widest range of Alternative Payment Solutions and local payment methods in emerging markets through a proprietary gateway software system and gold-standard connections worldwide.

As experts in the emerging-markets localization sphere, Zotapay’s operations have steadily grown to prominence over the past few years and now incorporate numerous global offices. Assisting and supporting online companies to benefit from a massive range of Alternative Payment Methods to meet their specific needs and the needs of their customers, no matter where they’re located.

  • More than 1000 Payment Institutions

  • Acquiring Banks Worldwide

  • Operating In over
    150 Countries

  • Offices in Six Global FinTech Hubs

"Our primary focus is on innovating and perfecting the best payment solutions on Earth, offering companies the ability to potentially reach a consumer base of billions, unhindered by location, language, or currency. Helping small and big businesses alike to grow massively and achieve their goals."

Avner Ziv (AB), CEO

Emerging Markets

Our smart One Application: One Integration philosophy puts online businesses in total control of their financial activities. Through Zotapay’s proprietary software and years of expertise within the payments industry, we enable global businesses to branch out into emerging markets, ensuring that their products are accessible to massive market swathes with unlimited potential.

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