About Us

Merchants worldwide choose Zotapay
as their trusted payment gateway hub.

With a real all-in-one solution fully customized to support clients ranging from start-up merchants to white label operations, we aim to provide the perfect solution tailored to the needs of your business and customer base.

Why Zotapay?

The combination of our customizable technology, progressive solutions and fraud prevention tools empowers merchants with the means to increase conversion rates, avoid negative processing activity and expand market reach. Technology so ahead of the game resulting in a system harmonizing payment processing and transaction monitoring in real time.

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“The combination of our technological flexibility and unique skills has allowed us to create a limitless product. With our automation of the onboarding process, all-inclusive network of payment channels and simple API integration we have managed to take the idea of payment service provider to a whole new level.”
Avner (AB) Ziv, CEO

Our team is comprised of highly experienced and dedicated individuals from all sectors of the online payments industry. We understand your operational needs and are here to offer our expertise and solutions tailored to your business.

Zotapay provides merchants with the extended list of resources needed to safely accept online payments through various payment methods.

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In this new era of online payment processing with recent changes within the financial regulatory environment, Zotapay meets the many challenging demands most online business face today.

Zotapay is PCI level 1 Certified gateway specializing in online payment processing, risk management and fraud protection. With an advanced payment gateway, reliable and secure technology and professional risk and fraud management features, Zotapay offers merchants leading and competitive payment solutions with a global market reach.

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