Payment service provider

One application, One integration.

Zotapay is a global payment service provider that facilitates online payment processing solutions for emerging markets worldwide, supplying innovative and secure technology. Our services include but are not limited to, credit and debit cards, alternative methods, and local solutions, all under one service provider and one simple API.



Enjoy a swift approval process with automated onboarding, quick underwriting procedures, and electronic signature of agreements. We do value your time, so we won’t bother you with elaborate procedures and hefty integration tasks. As a payment solution provider, we are here to make your life easier by streamlining all of your processes, all the way through to check-out. Our gateway technology speeds up and optimizes your payment acceptance ratios, which are fast and secure, making for a worthwhile partnership.

Innovative payment service provider:
Go Global and Local

Zotapay enables merchants to trade locally and globally by introducing a broad range of payment solutions for emerging markets with the added benefit of a PCI-hosted cashier page. We facilitate online transaction processing worldwide, providing eWallets, QR codes, credit and debit card services, and alternative payment methods.

Emerging Markets

At Zotapay, we always keep a keen eye focused on the most promising, emerging markets around the world. With the bulk of our resources and energy focused traditionally on the Far East and Southeast Asia, we have recently expanded into new, emerging markets, including those in more remote regions of the world. With the rapid growth in fintech and online payments showing great promise in these regions, Zotapay is at the forefront, offering businesses and their customers the best digital shopping experience through our unique ‘One Application – One Integration’ philosophy. Our substantial global footprint includes Africa, Latam, CIS, in addition to the traditional markets we operate in as emerging markets move towards QR-code technology and mobile money, in favor of Credit and Debit card solutions.


We believe each business is unique, so we provide bespoke solutions that meet your organization’s specific requirements. Being aware of various online industries, we allow merchants to enjoy functional solutions, tailored to their needs. Lead the way and make the right choice now by opting for a reliable service provider and secure technology to underlie every transaction.

Traffic Management
Intuitive check-out funnel to increase revenue and improve user experience
3D Secure
Authentication standard to help clients avoid fraudulent activity
Fraud Protection
Keeping fraudulent activity at bay to minimize chargebacks or refunds
Comprehensive Compliance
Automated onboarding & quick underwriting
Premium Banking Network
Widest selection of acquiring banks & financial institutions
PCI Level I Environment
PCI DSS secure hosted servers
Multiple jurisdictions supported
Supporting businesses with onshore & offshore jurisdictions
Unique localized methods
Extensive coverage of alternative payment methods & e-Wallets
Do more with less
Increase efficiency and cut operational costs
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